Patrick Byrne

About Me

Patrick Byrne is a well-known corporate leader, entrepreneur, and innovator. Byrne is perhaps best known for the successful launch of online store Overstock.com, which he led for more than two decades as Founder and CEO.

Patrick Byrne co-founded Overstock.com and oversaw the company’s development from a promising retail startup to one of the world’s most successful online shopping platforms. Following the founding of Overstock.com in 1999, Byrne’s innovative mentality and astute leadership fueled the company’s spectacular rise to prominence, culminating in the company’s first profitable quarter just three years later (2002).

Overstock.com gained profitability for the first time in 2009 under Byrne’s leadership. The then-burgeoning etailer quickly established itself as a household name and a serious retail industry competitor, generating more than $1.8 billion in revenue by 2016. Overstock.com earned profits for the ninth consecutive year less than a year later.

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